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Osteopathy is a manual therapeutic technique whose goal is to restore the functionality of the systems of the human body in adults as well as in children and adolescents. This is a very ingenious profession, and can only be exercised by practices with proven skills in osteopathy. This is the case of Daniel Parent who has his osteopathic clinic in Saint-Lambert. Discover here all the services offered by our clinic when it comes to treating children and adolescents with osteopathy.

Daniel Parent Osteopath

Located in several cities across Canada, our clinic was created to help all individuals, including children and adolescents with functional problems of all kinds. It was created by Daniel Parent, a seasoned expert graduated in osteopathy at the Collège d’études ostéopathiques de Montréal. To treat young people, we always establish a bond of trust between our patient and us. We bear witness to the inexhaustible life in all things and its daily miracles. We have worked with several other osteopathic experts, which allows us to have the necessary skills to treat vulnerable patients such as children and adolescents.

Osteo Consultation

Osteopathic consultation sessions take place in principle between the patient and our osteopathic expert. However, in some cases we tolerate the presence of parents. Our treatment sessions for children and adolescents are carried out in several phases.

First treatment session

The first consultation session with our patient is more like a therapy session. It is carried out in four phases namely: anamnesis, physical examination, proposal of treatment plan and advice.


At this stage, we ask the child or parents a few questions to determine the reasons for the consultation. These questions also allow us to identify the symptoms of the disease in children and to do a health check.

Physical examination

At this level, we observe the patient in different positions, and then we do mobility and vitality tests. This physical examination allows us to make an osteopathic diagnosis in order to identify the causes of the problem. After that, we establish a treatment plan for the patient.

The proposal of a treatment plan

The treatment plan we propose during the first session is not final. It can evolve during care, as the perception of the causes becomes clear. The treatment we apply at Osteopath Parent involves several manual techniques.

Power of attorney for advice to clients

After the first session, we provide advice to the children’s parents for better treatment. We usually make recommendations about lifestyle, diet as well as instructions for self-treatment at home.

Other treatment sessions

As for the other sessions, we first discuss with the children and their parents in relation to the results of the previous session. Then we move on to the actual treatment. Concretely, we work at the cranial, visceral, fluid, vascular, muscular or even cutaneous levels.


Healing is first and foremost a natural phenomenon. Osteopathy, using manual techniques, combines with nature for the treatment of children and adolescents. We are therefore only a humble servant of the greater forces. Two poles generally intervene for the treatment in osteopathy namely: the patient and the expert. But the healing mechanism is still unknown. The healing force in osteopathy simply comes from nature. We are only putting in place the necessary systems for the patient’s healing.

What does osteopathy treat?

Osteopathy is a manual medicine that treats several ailments. At Osteopath Parent, we treat several ailments in children and adolescents.

The evils related to growth

In children, we treat ear infections and infections repeatedly. Asthma, growing pain, behavioral disorders, stomach aches are also problems that we treat in the latter.

The ailments related to bodybuilding

These ailments are often seen in adolescents and are due to several factors. At Osteopath Parent, we treat exaggerated vertebral curvatures. We also apply orthodontic treatment. Flat or hollow feet, valgum or varum knees, depression are all also abnormalities that we treat.

Lung, circulatory, cranial and neurological problems

We treat migraines, headaches, headaches and jaw pain in children with osteopathy. In addition, we treat palpitations and feelings of oppression. Sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma, tinnitus are also ailments that we treat in children and adolescents.

Home care with Parent

If you are not willing to come to our office to follow osteopathic care, we can travel to you at home to treat your child or teenager. Whether in Longueuil, Sainte-Catherine, Saint-Lambert or Candiac, we have dynamic teams ready to serve you.

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