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Any true form of medicine appeals to the ability of the human body to regain balance, to regenerate itself (principle of homeostasis). This is especially true for osteopathy, which knows how to collaborate with the Life Force. In recent decades, we have been witnessing the rise of osteopathy on the South Shore of Montreal, because it allows us to have satisfactory results. Thus Parent Osteopath offers its services to the residents of Saint-Lambert for all their health issues.

osteopath in Saint-Lambert

Located in Saint-Lambert Parent Osteopath offers treatments covering a wide range of needs in the field of health. Osteopathy is a natural medicine that restores the mobility, dynamism, vitality of all tissues, organs and parts of the body as an inseparable whole, as a functional unit Osteopaths often use the sense of palpation to detect imbalances, tensions and blockages. Thus they can obtain an accurate osteopathic assessment, which will be the basis of the care plan of the consulting person for different health difficulties, pain or discomfort.

Osteopathic approaches in Saint-Lambert

Osteopathy uses several techniques to address different cases of discomfort or pain. The use of one or the other depends very much on the origin and nature of the imbalance in the patient’s body. These are structural methods, visceral techniques, cranial osteopathy and work on vital energy circuits. The so-called structural techniques are used in muscles and joints, tendons and biomechanics. Visceral techniques will address organs and viscera. And cranial osteopathy concerns the membranes, fluid volumes and bones of the skull and face. Finally, the work of the energy circuits is focused on opening the energy doors, removing obstacles on the circuits and channels of vital force of the human body. The osteopath always has a global approach. It takes into account all the structure of the body. He implements these different techniques as part of the care to relieve pain and restore functions.

Conduct of a session at Parent: osteopath in Saint-Lambert?

An osteopathic consultation involves a few steps. We first collect all relevant information on the patient’s state of health, the review of his systems, his medical, traumatic, surgical history, etc. This is the anamnesis. It contributes to the establishment of the health check. Then, the osteopath can do postural tests, mobility tests, or reflex tests to continue the evaluation. And thanks to a well-trained sense of palpation the osteopath completes his analysis by probing certain areas of the body involved in the particular case. This examination makes it possible to obtain an accurate assessment, identifying the origin of the patient’s symptoms.

At this stage the osteopath has already developed a good part of his care plan, and he begins the osteopathic care. He makes use of manual techniques specific to osteopathy to treat the patient. The goal of treatment is to restore the mobility and vitality of tissues, organs, viscera, muscles, joints, etc. The treatment is often followed by some advice and recommendations relating to lifestyle, exercise, sleep hygiene, postural habits, support accessories, complementary care to apply at home, etc., depending on the situation of each. Thus the patient can participate more actively in his recovery, in his healing. Finally, the patient and the osteopath will agree on the continuation of care if necessary. Sometimes this involves the participation of a therapist from another discipline.

If any of these ailments affect you, there are solutions. 514 382-4774

problems treated by parent, osteopath in Saint-Lambert?

In Saint-Lambert this alternative medicine effectively treats lumbar problems, various sprains, vertebral ailments, shoulder pain, migraines and headaches, etc. The clinic is consulted for digestive problems. (slow digestion, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, etc. Among our clientele some come to obtain relief at the level of sequelae of trauma, others for neurological disorders, or disorders of the neuro-vegetative system (chronic fatigue, insomnia, etc.), or skull problems (headaches, migraine …), or ailments around pregnancy. Indeed it is very helpful for pregnant women. Some consult about disorders in the circulatory system, or ENT and pulmonaryfunction (sinusitis, asthma and others)

Osteopathic care is aimed at all age categories (baby, child, teenager, seniors/seniors). They are very effective. They make it possible to prevent and avoid several ailments, often leading to significant expenses in the conventional medical system, if they are not taken care of upstream by an osteopath. We invite all Saint-Lambert residents to take advantage of it.

osteopath at home: a tailor-made solution in Saint-Lambert

Do you live in Saint-Lambert, Brossard, Longueuil, or Laprairie and are you looking for osteopathic care at home? Finally, the service exists for people with reduced mobility, or for those who simply prefer to receive care at their residence. It was developed by Parent Osteopath to meet a growing demand for this type of service since 2020. You will receive a quality of care comparable to that which you would receive at our offices. Check availability on the dates you are looking for by calling us.

Osteopath at home

Osteopathic consultations at home
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+1 (514) 382-4774



395 Maple Avenue, Saint-Lambert, QC, J4P-2S5

(514) 382-4774


395 Maple Avenue, Saint-Lambert, QC, J4P-2S5

(514) 382-4774


395 Maple Avenue, Saint-Lambert, QC, J4P-2S5

(514) 382-4774


395 Maple Avenue, Saint-Lambert, QC, J4P-2S5

(514) 382-4774

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