In 1979 I obtained a B.Sc. in physical activity at Laval University. This skill is well appreciated by all those seeking advice in the fields;

  • sport,
  • exercises,
  • training, whether at the gym or in nature.


It was at the Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal (CEO) that I continued my studies in osteopathy in the late 90s. I knew great teachers, like Philippe Druelle, and others. Subsequently, I participate in additional training. For example: The one on the GDS Channels. (1)

daniel parent


To be a therapist, and in particular to practice manual medicine, is to establish a relationship with people, it is to be in contact with the Intelligence of Life, it is to seek to be present at every moment.

To be an osteopath is to bear witness to the inexhaustible Life in all things, and its daily miracles. It is to attend every day demonstrations that are beyond us.

The osteopath works with the universal Force of return to balance, the Healing Force present in everyone, and even more so in the one who consciously commits to regain health.


Daniel Parent has always had a strong interest in several medicines, both for Western and Eastern currents, and in particular those who have a global and integral vision of the phenomena of the Living.

Aspiring to understand these phenomena long before my studies in osteopathy, I went to meet several practitioners of non-conventional medicine, some in Canada, others overseas:

  • In Brazil, where I went to see “doctors” from the forest work.
  • In the Philippines, to meet the legendary “surgeons with bare hands”.
  • In Africa, where I stay two years from 2011 to 2013, and visit those who operate with the elementals of nature.

During this last stay in Benin and Cameroon, I note the favorable reception of Africans to osteopathy, where this practice has not yet spread. I also discover the enthusiasm that some African doctors express about the results. Beautiful collaborations are possible, there too!


Health is inseparable from the psychological dimension and mental hygiene.

In a serious regeneration process these aspects are always to be considered. For my own person I deepen and study these aspects.

Everyone’s interest in these issues differs. It is up to him to make his choices and steps. For my part, I have explored these fields mainly in a self-taught way, and occasionally in an academic way.

This led me to experiment with various practices, some of which relate to lifestyle, or “way of being”. When an individual tells me about the psychological dimensions related to his physical health problems, my listening is attentive, touched by an individual on the way.

Dedicated to my patients through a practice that has filled me since the beginning, I consider every day as an opportunity to practice the most beautiful profession. Rigor and experience, competence and global vision are the watchwords of my vocation.


After fifteen years of practice in the Quebec metropolis, I opened an osteopathic care clinic in Longueuil (Saint-Lambert) in 2013 to serve clients on the South Shore and Montérégie.

Osteopathic Practice D Parent is honored to welcome the residents of

  • Brossard,
  • St-Hubert,
  • Boucherville,
  • Mont St-Bruno,
  • La Prairie,
  • Chambly.

The clientele is composed of people of all conditions and origins:

  • Babies
  • children
  • adults
  • Seniors.

Whether she has a long medical history, or none. Sportsmen or sedentary, etc.

Welcome to all! Cabinet d’Ostéopathie D Parent presents its online agenda to simplify the making of appointments, subsequent modifications if necessary, or in case of cancellation. It’s as simple as by contact form or by phone: 514 382-4774

Osteopath at home

Osteopathic consultations at home
For any information contact me.




+1 (514) 382-4774



395 Maple Avenue, Saint-Lambert, QC, J4P-2S5

(514) 382-4774


395 Maple Avenue, Saint-Lambert, QC, J4P-2S5

(514) 382-4774


395 Maple Avenue, Saint-Lambert, QC, J4P-2S5

(514) 382-4774


395 Maple Avenue, Saint-Lambert, QC, J4P-2S5

(514) 382-4774

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