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The movement of blood in the body ensures that all its organs, tissues, cells are well supplied with nutrients and oxygen. And allows these same cells to evacuate its metabolites, the rejections of cellular activity in any organ, muscle, joint, gland. In case of disruption in the blood circulation, various health disorders may appear. For example: venous insufficiency can lead to heaviness of the legs, or heart problems. Solutions are offered by osteopathy to reduce circulatory problems. Here’s how the osteopath will proceed.

Osteopathy for the treatment of venous insufficiency

When blood no longer flows properly through the veins, it is called venous insufficiency. This malfunction of blood vessels is more often found in the elderly, but also sometimes in individuals of all ages, such as a woman in late pregnancy. Some symptoms indicate that we suffer from such a disorder, such as swelling in the legs, ankles, etc. It is important to deal with this dysfunction, not to let it grow. We want to avoid certain blood clotting problems, which this could cause, or venous thrombosis, arterial blockages, phlebitis, etc.

Various situations remain at the origin of this dysfunction of the blood vessels. Excess fat in the body and pregnancy are two phenomena that promote venous insufficiency. When you take estrogenic pills, while you have soft skin, it can also cause such an abnormality. In order to calm the symptoms related to this condition of the blood circulation, one solution is to call on an osteopath. This professional can correct the interruption of blood flow within the body through rigorous treatment .

To relieve you of this ailment, the osteopath acts mainly on the pelvis, thighs and other strategic parts of the body, blood circulation. The purpose of the tests performed is to stimulate the diffusion of blood in order to facilitate its flow into the venous system. It will also be necessary to operate on the soles of the feet and calves. From the first osteopathic session, the beneficial effects of this manual medicine are immediately noticeable in patients. For more information, make an appointment at the office of Daniel Parent, your osteopath in Longueuil.

Osteopathy to relieve heavy legs

Sometimes the injury occurred as part of a sporting activity. And with the appearance of sports

When your legs get heavier and you suffer from cramps, then it is possible that it is due to poor blood drainage. In this case, we diagnose venous insufficiency. This condition explained above can worsen from the moment you put on pants that are too tight. High heat and smoking are also factors that can worsen poor blood circulation.

This causes, subsequently, varicose veins and edema of the legs. In order to relieve these ailments, you can seek the help of an osteopath. If you live in Montreal, do not hesitate to ask for a consultation with Daniel Parent, your osteopath also living on the island of Montreal. Our global approach is to locate dysfunctions in key areas where you feel pain. Thus, thanks to palpation, we manage to soothe the circulatory disorders of the affected limbs .

If any of these ailments affect you, there are solutions. 514 382-4774

Osteopathy against heart rate disorders

Every time you do an activity, your heart rate changes. This variation can be noticed from the moment you take a breath and then exhale. When it is large, it means that your heart is in good health. On the other hand, if the variability of your heart rate weakens, you are likely to catch certain diseases. It is at this moment that you are suffering from arrhythmia and tachycardia. This small variation is similarly found, at the origin of palpitations of the heart. The feeling of tightness felt because of these heart rhythm disorders can be treated with osteopathic care.

Studies have revealed that osteopathy acts beneficially on the frequency of heartbeat. Analyses conducted on specific parts of the body show good parasympathetic activity. Indeed, an examination on the skull can improve the body’s recovery system. Various visceral techniques and osteopathic treatments also contribute to strengthening the heart. In Montreal, ongoing research conducted by osteopaths aims to improve the mobility of the pericardium. This is to further develop the regenerative capacity of our organism by promoting a better balance of the ANS.

If you want to know more about how to optimize your health through this wonderful science, consult your osteopath in Longueuil. We will be happy to restore you to good health with the help of our manual practice. Whether it is heaviness and fatigue in the legs due to venous insufficiency or a heart problem, appeal to our efficiency. We will treat all your complications related to blood circulation.

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395 Maple Avenue, Saint-Lambert, QC, J4P-2S5

(514) 382-4774


395 Maple Avenue, Saint-Lambert, QC, J4P-2S5

(514) 382-4774


395 Maple Avenue, Saint-Lambert, QC, J4P-2S5

(514) 382-4774


395 Maple Avenue, Saint-Lambert, QC, J4P-2S5

(514) 382-4774

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