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Osteopathy is a manual care technique that treats and prevents several functional disorders. It is a method aimed at manipulating with art and delicacy certain parts of the body to relieve and cure ailments.

If you are in the city of Saint-Hubert, you can use an osteopathic practice for the treatment of any pain related to your body. Our osteopathic clinic offers several tailor-made services in its center and even at home.

All about osteopath Daniel Parent in Saint-HUBERT

The Parent osteopathic practice puts at your disposal several specialists for the treatment of several diseases related to your physique. Basically, it should be noted that the clinic is well placed to meet your needs in several sessions or consultations. First of all, remember that the first session allows you to determine the ailments you suffer. Then, to relieve these ailments, we put at your disposal several solutions that go through a process. Among these stages are the anamnesis and physical examination .

By the way, the anamnesis is a questionnaire that we offer to patients in the city of Saint-Hubert to discover the different reasons for their consultation. From there, we can establish a health check. In addition, remember that we take into account the different problems that you have encountered in the past and that have to do with your daily life or with your sports activities.

On the other hand, the second solution, the physical examination allows to make an observation of the patient’s body by putting it in all possible positions. To achieve this, we need to do vitality and mobility tests. With this method, our Parent osteopathic practice makes it possible to identify the different causes of your problem.

The approaches used by our clinic to relieve and heal in Saint-Hubert

There are several techniques used by our osteopathic practice in Saint-Hubert to relieve a patient suffering from a given ailment. It should be noted that there are several factors at the base of lower, back and neck pain. During a session with one of our specialists, we use appropriate techniques to relieve these different problems. Among the solutions available, there are visceral, structural, cranial approaches as well as the revival of vital energy. With these different solutions, remember that all the organs affected by the disease are examined and you find remarkable relief.

How does a consultation of an osteopath take place with us in Saint-HUBERT?

An osteopathic consultation takes place in several stages. During the session with a specialist, the client will benefit from an osteopathic treatment that takes into account the use of several manual methods. At this stage, we work at the joint or muscular level.

In the search for solutions, the Parent osteopathic practice works at the liquid, visceral and cranial levels. The goal of our practice is to revive your vital energy and mobility in the tissues of your body.

On the other hand, apart from treatment, we advise our customers by giving them tips so that they adopt a quality hygienic lifestyle. We also focus on good nutrition and practical exercises to perform to help the body heal itself.

What does Parent osteopath treat in Saint-Hubert?

When you have physical pain, your first reflex should be to contact a recognized osteopathic practice. Choosing our osteopathic practice for this consultation gives you the opportunity to benefit from our many years of experience in this field. The reasons for a consultation in our osteopathic practice, or to receive us at home, are multiple. There are, for example, problems with joints and muscles. The latter take into account lumbar diseases, neck pain and back pain. Similarly, there are digestive problems with bloating, slow digestion, heartburn or dysphagia.

Similarly, our team deals with problems related to the sequelae of trauma, neurological and cranial disorders. There are also diseases related to the urinary, gynecological and circulatory system that we treat. You can contact one of our experts in the city of Saint-Hubert if you encounter lung problems such as bronchitis. Pregnant women are also concerned as well as babies. They must do consultations before giving birth. Finally , children, teenagers, seniors / seniors can all make an appointment in our osteopathic practice for well-being.

If any of these ailments affect you, there are solutions. 514 382-4774

What are the advantages of an osteopath at home?

Osteopathy at home has several significant advantages. Among these benefits, we can mention the saving of time and travel expenses. In particular, we are available to men and women who have difficulty walking. In addition, when you call on our firm, you will enjoy a comfort to which you are already accustomed. Finally, the last advantage is that we make an appointment with you according to your availability. Our firm has several specialists who can follow you at home, regardless of the neighborhood you live in Saint-Hubert.

Osteopath at home

Osteopathic consultations at home
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+1 (514) 382-4774



395 Maple Avenue, Saint-Lambert, QC, J4P-2S5

(514) 382-4774


395 Maple Avenue, Saint-Lambert, QC, J4P-2S5

(514) 382-4774


395 Maple Avenue, Saint-Lambert, QC, J4P-2S5

(514) 382-4774


395 Maple Avenue, Saint-Lambert, QC, J4P-2S5

(514) 382-4774

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