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Road and transportation workers, those in the building and construction or hotel industries, administrative professionals, caregivers or teachers, musicians, actors, artists and creators in Longueuil may experience injuries or disorders related to their duties, and affecting their quality of life or their performance. Faced with such limitations, one of the most powerful and useful natural medicines is certainly osteopathy. Thanks to it, these workers can be relieved. This therapeutic method is based on the ability to restore harmony between the many systems of the body. Several disorders can be relieved, from the simple frontal or occipital headache, to the most persistent back pain. Discover Parent Ostéopathe, osteopathic practice 2 steps from Longueuil. In a clinic or at your home.

Parent Osteopath in Longueuil

Located near Longueuil, on the South Shore of Montreal, Parent Ostéopathe is led by Daniel Parent, its founder. The practice takes care of any functional problems related to muscles, joints, nerve or blood circuit, organ or viscera, limbs or trunk, etc. Daniel or his colleagues use natural therapeutic techniques specific to best practices in the field. At Parent Osteopath, the availability of care is displayed in the online agenda and can be booked less than 24 hours in advance. For a reservation in a shorter time we invite you to call

Techniques used for effective care in Longueuil

At Parent Osteopath we use different categories of care, including:

  • The structural approach;
  • Cranial techniques;
  • The visceral approach;
  • Work on vital energy circuits.

Structural approach

This approach is useful in all kinds of circumstances. Especially when an element (joint, muscle chain, fascia, tendon, ligaments, etc.) has been “displaced” or disturbed traumatically or accidentally, often by a sudden or unexpected external force. Among the osteopathic techniques these are those where patients most easily perceive the action at the time of execution. Often an adjustment of this type needs to be supplemented with another level of osteopathic work.

Visceral approach

Visceral work is crucial in the care process. A tense organ or viscera can condition the entire musculoskeletal envelope and hold it in a blockage. And if we neglect it, our results at the level of the limbs or the musculoskeletal envelope will always be ephemeral. This level must be considered to achieve a lasting and profound result. The liver, lungs, heart, kidneys, intestine, colon, and ovaries, etc., are sometimes involved in the problem experienced by the patient, even if he does not feel any discomfort

cranial techniques

A real key that opens multiple doors in the human body, well-applied cranial techniques offer ways to obtain magnificent results during an osteopathic treatment. This is understandable given the number of nerve nuclei, glands and control elements of the whole organism contained in the skull. Since it is also at the end of the central axis of the organism, inside which travels the most precious liquids of the body, carrying neurotransmitters, hormones, and other physiological messengers of the body. Brain matter and a significant portion of the nerve tissue that controls the body’s electrical signals also lodges there. Skull bones, sutures, meninges, cavities, sinuses, brain masses, etc. are checked during this work.

Work on vital energy circuits

Ancient medicines gave the name “FOUNDATION” to vital energy. And any therapist knows that before an imbalance manifests itself in the physical body, it is often already present in the vital energy. Since this energy is the foundation of the physical body, it is necessary to take an interest in it, if we want to achieve lasting and profound results on the physical plane. Nodes and blockages that impede the flow of these energy fluids must be removed. Its circuits, its roads, its crossroads must be cleaned. This is how Parent Ostéopathe near Longueuil we get good results.

Conduct of an osteopath session in Longueuil

During a first consultation we first collect all the necessary information on the patient’s state of health. We review the systems. We ask about medical, traumatic, surgical history, etc. This is the anamnesis. So we begin to build the health check. This assessment usually continues with mobility tests, postural tests, or reflex tests. And thanks to a well-trained sense of palpation the osteopath completes his evaluation by testing certain parts of the body concerned by the specific situation of the patient. From this examination follows an accurate health check-up, helping to provide an explanation for the patient’s symptoms.

At this point, the osteopath already has a good idea of the direction of the care to come. He has constituted part of his care plan, and from then on he begins osteopathic care. It uses manual techniques specific to osteopathy. One of the objectives of the treatment is to revive the mobility and vitality of muscles and joints, tissues, organs, and viscera, etc. The treatment is frequently accompanied by some recommendations or advice relating to lifestyle, sleep hygiene, exercise, postural habits, complementary care to be applied at home, and sometimes support accessories depending on the particular case. The goal is to help the patient to participate more actively in his healing, improvement. Subsequently, if another treatment session is deemed useful, the patient and the osteopath will determine a date. When the osteopath feels that the participation of another professional would help to progress faster, he also discusses it with the patient.

If any of these ailments affect you, there are solutions. 514 382-4774

ailments and disorders relieved after an osteopath?

There are many of them. Without making an exhaustive list, we will name a few here:

  • Muscle, joint and cranial pain;
  • Digestive and neuro-vegetative problems;
  • Neurological disorders, or those related to pregnancy;
  • Pulmonary, circulatory, venous problems.

Muscle, joint and cranial pain

The success rate is very high for people suffering from low back pain, back pain, neck pain, sprains, blocked back, torticollis, consequences of scoliosis, vertebral or costal pain, posture problems, capsulitis, tendonitis, bursitis, pain in the groin, shoulder, arm, knee, ankle, foot, at the hip.

Migraines, headaches, headaches and jaw pain, Arnold’s neuralgia, facial numbness are cranial ailments that often motivate consultations with Parent Osteopath, because the results are good in these areas

Digestive and neuro-vegetative problems

Longueuil residents can count on Parent Ostéopathe, if they are struggling with bloating, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, heartburn and other digestive ailments, such as gastric reflux, dysphagia. Organ ptosis will be improved, as well as chronic fatigue, hyper-nervousness and sleep disturbances.

Neurological problems, and those related to pregnancy

Parent Osteopath receives clients experiencing the after-effects of trauma, surgeries, sports accidents, etc. Neurological disorders such as sciatic neuralgia, cervico-gill neuralgia, intercostal neuralgia are also treated in our office. And of course osteopathy is known to offer valuable help in the face of the various ailments around pregnancy, and those that affect babies.

Lung and circulatory problems

In case of circulatory problems such as edema, heaviness of the legs, palpitations and sensations of chest tightness, it is advisable to consult the osteopath. Also when we are embarrassed about sinusitis, tear congestion, asthma, rhinitis and other ENT or lung problems.

Parent OSTEOPATH offers services at home

Osteopathy is an art and therapeutic science whose practice can be transported to any place. Parent Osteopath offers home services for patients who cannot travel. We are willing to go to your place of residence in Longueuil to offer you tailor-made care. A treatment session is sometimes supplemented with recommendations or advice related to lifestyle and diet, exercises to perform at home, postures to avoid, etc.

If any of these ailments affect you, there are solutions. 514 382-4774

Osteopath at home

Osteopathic consultations at home
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+1 (514) 382-4774



395 Maple Avenue, Saint-Lambert, QC, J4P-2S5

(514) 382-4774


395 Maple Avenue, Saint-Lambert, QC, J4P-2S5

(514) 382-4774


395 Maple Avenue, Saint-Lambert, QC, J4P-2S5

(514) 382-4774


395 Maple Avenue, Saint-Lambert, QC, J4P-2S5

(514) 382-4774

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