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Pain in the joints and bones is a serious problem, no matter how active you are. And to solve these problems, it is recommended to use natural measures such as osteopathy as much as possible. This assumes that you need the services of a specialist. In Mont St-Bruno, Daniel Parent’s clinic is available for you.

Osteopath in Mont St-Bruno

Residents of Mont St-Bruno can contact us and schedule an appointment with Daniel Parent Osteopath . It is a centre created by an osteopath who has obtained a B Sc. in physical activity from the U of L and a DO at the College of Osteopath of Montreal. Mr. Parent has more than 20 years of experience. Daniel Parent also comes to your home to provide your treatments.

Approaches to treating patients in Mont St-Bruno

Parent Osteopath’s clinic uses several approaches to properly treat its patients. The osteopathic approach is used depending on your discomfort.

The first approach is structural. It consists of inspecting the patient’s muscles and joints . It can also be used to examine ligaments, fasciae and tendons. It is a method that takes into account the mechanical parts of the human being. The latter can be used, for example, to correct knee pain or tendon pain.

Then we have the visceral approach which particularly affects the internal organs and viscera. These include the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, spleen, stomachs, ovaries, colon, uterus, colon, etc. The osteopathic doctor is responsible for checking the ptosis, adhesion, congestion and tension of these organs taking into account the patient’s pain.

In addition, the osteopath has the cranial approach. The latter is used in case of pain in the skull or head area. Most commonly, it affects the bones of the skull and face. He must also check the connection points of the membranes as well as each compartment of the cranial volume. The goal is to identify the source of the problem and fix it.

Finally, the last approach is that of vital energies. This control is rather peculiar, because the osteopath checks the energy released from the body. It also tests the channels for conducting body energy and the state of body electricity.

What happens during an osteopathic consultation in Mont St-Bruno

The consultation session with an osteopath takes place in several phases. It begins with the reception of the patient. The doctor sees you and has it in hand to compile your file. It is the initial phase, also known as the anamnesis, that shows the reasons for the consultation. It is also an opportunity to know the symptoms and to have a health check-up. To do this, we ask you a few questions in order to identify what is at the root of these pains. It can be the effects of sport, repetitive gestures in your daily life…

Following this theoretical phase, we move on to a physical examination that will allow us to confirm our theoretical conclusions. It should be noted that we proceed by pat-down in accordance with the rules of the trade. We ask you to put yourself in certain postures in order to carry out the diagnosis. During this phase, we get to the real cause of your discomfort. The osteopathic diagnosis is made.

After which the osteopath develops an osteopathic treatment plan for your recovery. It should be noted that a session lasts about 45 minutes and that at the end, we promise that you will start to feel better.

If any of these ailments affect you, there are solutions. 514 382-4774

What does the osteopath Parent treat in Mont St-bruno?

By calling on us in the Mont St-Bruno area, you have the opportunity to find a suitable treatment for several problems. In terms of muscles and joints, we treat lower back pain, torticollis, blocked back, various sprains, low back pain, etc. Indeed, we are talking about all the pain felt in the muscles.

In addition, on the digestive level, osteo can relieve liver problems, bloating of the belly, constipation and all problems that are found in the internal organs.

Finally, the osteopath has a wide range of treatment options: pain, discomfort and trauma in children, as well as adults, not to mention the elderly.

Your Parent osteopath at home in Mont-St-Bruno

Some people find it extremely difficult to get around when they are sick. Under these conditions, we are willing to come to you anywhere in Mont St-Bruno. We dispatch an experienced team to treat you. Better still, we give you indications for a healthy lifestyle and diet and for practical exercises in your environment.

If any of these ailments affect you, there are solutions. 514 382-4774

Osteopath at home

Osteopathic consultations at home
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+1 (514) 382-4774



395 Maple Avenue, Saint-Lambert, QC, J4P-2S5

(514) 382-4774


395 Maple Avenue, Saint-Lambert, QC, J4P-2S5

(514) 382-4774


395 Maple Avenue, Saint-Lambert, QC, J4P-2S5

(514) 382-4774


395 Maple Avenue, Saint-Lambert, QC, J4P-2S5

(514) 382-4774

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